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Food Truck Catering is a “roll” worth checking out

Food Truck Catering is a “roll” worth checking out

food truck catering is a "roll" worth checking outFood Truck Catering is a roll worth checking out. When we need a special occasion or event catered, we think about having an outside company organize and serve. Typically we first think of a full-service company setting up elaborate spreads at our venue with service staff catering to every need. This image is very popular in many movies…of course this level of service generally demands a high price. This type of catering is still around by many full-service catering companies around the world. However times have changed and so have catering demands.

Just as the number and popularity of food trucks have expanded the dining choices, food trucks are also entering the catering world. Did you ever think about having a food truck cater your wedding? Those who are not food truck “fans” may not understand the uniqueness of having a food truck at their wedding…but most importantly, the cost of catering typically is less than the full-service catering. Of course every wedding is special in their own ways…all based on the preferences of the bride and groom. But just because a food truck caters a wedding doesn’t mean it has to be too casual. With a growing supply of disposables that look like real china and cutlery, higher end service ware is a great option to serve simple food truck fare for upper scale events such as a wedding. These disposables are a great consideration as they are lighter in weight; disposable, recyclable and look just like the real thing. More importantly, the cost is comparable to renting fine china, but you eliminate the risk of loss when every fork and plate is counted upon return.

Food Truck Catering is a roll worth checking out for corporate lunch meetings, birthday parties, church and apartment events…any event where a group of many sizes need food catered. Generally, budgets for these events may be more limited so a smaller catering drop-off service or food truck catering is advantageous. Many of the clients really seek the quality food in a larger quantity to be dropped off at their facility. There is generally no service staff setting up, serving and cleaning up afterwards. The clients look at drop-off catering as a cost effective method to feeding their group. Many food truck owners don’t realize they are already set up for drop off catering. The supplies they need are all available through their food service provider, at local warehouse clubs and even local grocery stores. Disposable pans to carry the larger quantities of food, beverages and dessert are all available to assist with the service and transportation of the food. The food side of the equation is practiced everyday. Just think a food truck prepares a large quantity of food to be sold at an upcoming event. The only challenge is not knowing how many items you’ll serve because variables such as weather, event attendance and location are all factors that could vary the event success. A food truck owner may load 100 servings of each menu item for a great event. Driving, parking and praying that he/she will sell most of the inventory. Now imagine a catered event. Same amount of food is prepared, only difference is all the food needs to be cooked and package in bulk, versus on individual plates. The catering side provides a guarantee that a certain number of meals need to be delivered. This helps eliminate the uncertainty of how many meals the food truck will serve. To sweeten the deal, you’ll drop off the catering in one stop and done for the event…versus hanging around for 2+ hours hoping to sell the same quantity. The best part about drop off catering…you can drop it off from your any vehicle and not necessarily from your food truck. This allows double duty! Food truck goes out to an event while another member of your staff drops off a catering order.

Food Truck Catering is a roll worth checking out for the big game this weekend. National chain restaurants spend millions of dollars every year on advertising. This advertising includes party platters for big events such as the Super Bowl this weekend. Parties for the big game demands platters. You’ll go to the grocery store for a vegetable tray; get sandwiches from a national chain restaurant; wings from the big sports restaurants…Did you ever think about getting a platter from your favorite food truck? Imagine a large pan of meatballs from the local meatball truck; a large tray of your favorite sandwiches or tacos; wings or dumplings from the rolling kitchens you frequent at events. The challenge is many of us do not think of a food truck for platters. However, this is a great opportunity to bring something unique to the party. This is also a great opportunity for food trucks to expand their sales during slower times of the year. The catering opportunities that food truck owners can provide will supplement their business throughout the year, but more critical during slower times of the year when weather is not favorable for food truck events.

As consumers, when we have a need for food, we frequent the places we think of first. Large national chains with multiple locations spend millions of dollars every year to make sure we think of their businesses first when we have a need. Many local restaurants and food trucks do not have that marketing strength. Many consumers who dine out frequently get tired of eating in chain restaurants and seek to patronize local businesses when they can. Besides dining at local restaurants and frequenting food trucks at events, catering is another area where support can be extended to the businesses. Every business should know, putting out something simple as “We Cater” could initiate the interest of a consumer who may pull the trigger on having your restaurant or food truck cater their next event or wedding. Generally they’ll start with a small event to test your service then lead to larger opportunities. When we treat every catering event as an opportunity for something greater down the road, you will find out those opportunities will eventually become a reality.

Happy Catering…Make Today Great.

food truck catering is a "roll" worth checking out




Ray Chow
CFTO (chief food truck officer)