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The Power of Food is a Valuable Asset

The Power of Food is a Valuable Asset

Many food truck owners and restaurateurs work with food on a daily basis. We are busy professionals multitasking every moment of the day. One important aspect of business success is the impact you make to others in the community. During all of our daily activity, we sometimes forget The Power of Food is a Valuable Asset. Everyone needs to eat everyday. There are many who are challenged with not knowing where their next meal will come from. This is an opportunity for us to give back and make a positive impact on our community.

Working with food everyday, we sometimes forget what a priceless asset we are working with. We spend most days working on our product generating sales to support our business, team, families and investment. Without a doubt this is an important piece of the business. We must stay profitable in business in order to support our future efforts of growing our success and continued efforts to give back.

Stepping away from focusing on the financial rewards of the business we need to be reminded of the emotional rewards of entrepreneurship. This piece includes experiencing the appreciation, smiles and gratitude from those who are at challenging times in their lives. The Power of Food is a Valuable Asset. Everyone should experience first hand how rewarding it is to bring a large amount of food to his or her local shelter or church. The holiday season is upon us. We have our parties where we attend and bring a dish. We see the smiles on the faces of our friends, families and co-workers at our parties. It’s a welcoming feeling. Now imagine bringing that same dish of food to a church or shelter…I won’t share with you what you will experience. Words can’t describe the feeling. This is something you’ll need to experience yourself.

This holiday season, I challenge everyone to add a different aspect to their usual holiday routine. Isn’t this what life is all about? Learning and growing everyday. Make that extra effort to really learn The Power of Food is a Valuable Asset.

Happy Thanksgiving

Ray Chow

Ray Chow | CFTO | foosye®